Nothing remains in the valley other than its stones

The time has come for true utility tokens. Hence, nothing remains in the valley other than its stones, implying that survival is not only for the fittest but also for the good. The demise of FTX and stablecoins earlier this year signalled the end of a cryptocurrency phase known as the greedy corruption axis. What […]

How can we tell if it’s real or not?

Regardless of what is happening in the market right now, cryptocurrency is here to stay. For those who are perplexed by the entangled world of new jargon and complicated algorithms, I have a very simple method to determine whether a cryptocurrency is legitimate or not. I am not predicting whether it will win or not; […]

Is Cryptocurrency Halal or not?

Many Muslims are unsure whether or not cryptocurrencies are halal. I’d like to ask a simple question before answering the question. Is the knife permissible or prohibited? The knife can be used for a variety of purposes, but it is clearly haram if used with the intent to cause harm. In essence, we can’t say […]